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Rent Ice Cream Truck

Ever wanted to rent an ice cream truck for your next event? While most trucks just roam the streets of your neighborhood, others are made available to liven up the crowd.  The mean Green Ice Cream Machine attends corporate outings, parties, concerts, and grand openings to hand out ice cream treats to those passing by.  With its custom glowing green paint scheme and hydraulics that shake the machine, people are mesmerized by the coolest ice cream truck around. Who doesn’t like ice cream??

But how do you rent an ice cream truck?  It is quite simple.  Just like any other service, the Mean Green Ice Cream Machine can be hired out to show up for an hour or a full day at your next event.  Giving out ice creams is one of the best way to put a smile on people’s faces!  What better way to make people happy than giving away ice cream.

Check back for more updates about the ‘Machine’ and schedule your event today!

The ‘Machine’ is located in Middle Tennessee outside Nashville.

Want to rent ice cream trucks in nashville the safe way?  Take a peek at our website which tells a story about our cool Nashville Ice Cream truck!  Better yet, watch some videos!