Where to Find Ice Cream Truck Rentals

When the warmer months hit of the spring and summer along with sometimes the fall, many people wish for a cold ice cream or even to have an ice cream truck rental at their party or event.  But many people are misinformed as to where and how to get an ice cream truck rental.

Most companies will not just give you a truck for the day due to inexperience and liability.  These companies cover only their drivers or people employed by the company to drive as well as hand out treats.  While it might be ‘cool’ to see Dad driving a truck ringing the bell, most companies will not do this.  So where does this leave you?

Renting an ice cream truck involves several decisions to be made ahead of time.  Customers must decide if they are interested in soft serve or pre-packaged ice cream.  Both types have their advantages and disadvantages.  With soft serve, the ice cream mixture is processed right in the truck and served as requested.  Pre-packaged comes from large companies who manufacturer these goodies for sale to distributors.

For Nashville ice cream trucks, you can find the Mean Green Ice Cream Machine which is one of the most popular.

With soft serve, the element of cleanliness comes into play much more than pre-packaged but they both have strict rules to be followed.  If you are ever interested in renting an ice cream truck, be sure first and foremost that the company and specifically the truck has had their inspection along with proper permits.  Some states require the Health department to inspect the truck and its equipment for proper operation and cleanliness.  Soft serve trucks require (most times) a three compartment sink, handwashing sink, hot and cold water source as well as a waste tank.  These items are checked usually yearly by a governmental agency or possibly a state or county organization.  Check the company and ask if the truck has been properly permitted and inspected.  The inspection process also goes for those selling pre-packaged items.  Your health is of most importance!

Try to see the truck in action in your area and do a visual inspection of the cleanliness and quality of the truck.  Does it appear clean and well maintained?  Is the driver friendly?  Does it obey the rules of the area and speed limits and traffic regulations.

Many ice cream truck rentals will appear at your grand opening of a store, party, car show or event with a custom package price dependent on the number of ice creams given out along with the distance away.  Many of the packages from the Mean Green Ice Cream Machine are quite affordable with some as low as $100 to have the ‘Machine’ show up on your day.

By following common sense thinking when thinking about ice cream truck rentals, your experience can be fantastic and not something you regret.

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